Which plugins should you install in WordPress first?

Good day, dear readers! After you have created a blog running WordPress and there are probably several posts in it, you need to think about its functionality, security, and it would be nice to be accepted by search engines.

Setting up a blog on the WordPress engine for specific requirements is as follows.

After the standard installation of the engine has been made on the server, it is supplemented with special applications – plugins that allow you to customize the basic WordPress assembly for certain qualities.

note! All plugins are available for installation in the site control panel: Plugins section – Add plugin. Search for the title and install.

The most important WordPress plugins

There are many plugins for customizing WordPress. I do not think it is right to install everything at once, because I am convinced that the fewer changes are made to the standard assembly, the more reliable the blog will function. Therefore, I consider the following as the main plugins required for optimal performance and security:

Blog protection plugins

1. YaCAPTCHA plugin – will protect your blog from comments left by a robot – spam. Before posting a comment, the reader must enter a security code.

2. Плагин WordPress Database Backup – will back up the blog database. Depending on the settings, at user-defined intervals, the Database Backup plug-in will save the archived copy of the database on the server or send it to the specified e-mail.

Blog Search Engine Optimization Plugins

1. Плагин Meta Keywords & Description. Initially, WordPress uses the Keywords and Description tags only for second-level pages and uses article tags as keywords, and its initial words as descriptions. These tags are not active for the home page. Although at present their parameters are not taken into account by all search engines and are not as important for search results as they used to be, but in some cases they are still useful, especially Description.

2. Plugin All in One SEO Pack. Its meaning is basically the same as that of the plugin described above – SEO. I chose this plugin because it allows you to customize the display of the page title and description tag. Who cares about search engine optimization, it is better to use it.

3. Плагин Sitemaps Generator for WordPress. Automatically generates a sitemap.xml blog / site, which improves indexing by search engines. Intuitive, flexible settings in Russian. After generating the sitemap, the application informs the search engines about the changes made.

4. Плагин Ambrosite Unlink Parent Categories allows you to remove the description of a category from the description of the link to this category.

5. All-meta plugin allows you to set meta data for categories / categories.

Plugins for SMM blog promotion

1. Плагин Social Share Buttons for WordPress… Automatically adds social buttons to blog pages. Has flexible settings for positions on pages and button shapes. It is possible to add a click counter and a “Like” button. See the sample at the bottom of this post.

Blog engagement plugins

1. Плагин Wordpress Popular Posts… In order to increase the number of pages viewed and the time spent by the visitor on the blog, I advise you to install this plugin. In the single.pgp file of the blog theme, you need to insert the code ?php wp_related_posts();?, which will display posts similar in tags to a location you specify.

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