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Vikings: War of Clans is an online strategy game with mmorpg elements from Plarium.

The Vikings game was released in 2015 on iOS, Android, later on Facebook and in the browser. Following the success of Vikings: War of Clans, Plarium has released a similar game to the phone Throne: Kingdom at War, which was sustained in the setting of the Middle Ages. The game was later adapted to the browser as well.

Setting Vikings

The setting of Vikings: War of Clans is designed in the spirit of the Viking Age, but with deviations from realism. This is how many troops in the game wear horned helmets. In addition to the appearance of the troops, in the game Vikings you can find various elements of fantasy with references to the gods of the German-Scandinavian epic. For example, the game Vikings: War of Clans Asy the elements correspond to the main group of gods in which the real Vikings believed.

Basic mechanics

The gameplay in Vikings: War of Clans can be roughly divided into several types:

  • Military actions PVP and PVE: attack, defense and joint assault against other players, or against neutral troops.
  • Military action against mobs: attack against Invaders and Spirits on the map.
  • Participation in Competitions: between clans, Kingdoms, as well as in special territories – in Jotunheim and on the Isles of Trials.
  • Leveling up the city and the Clan Citadel: improving buildings and learning knowledge.
  • Leveling troop leaders: improving the performance of the Hero and Shaman.
  • Passage of the catacombs of Helheim: battles with the Spawns and the troops of the Mist.
  • Crafting: creating and improving things, as well as combining materials, Runes and Stones.
  • Resource farming: large quantities of resources are extracted on the Map in other cities, resource locations, as well as inside the city, if you organize their production.

One of the key moments of the Vikings game is to think over the tactics of military action against rivals. So players need to find the most vulnerable spots in pumping enemy players. To do this, you need to study the following information about the opponent:

  • his type of troops;
  • what element does he use as Ases;
  • his active boosts;
  • what equipment its leaders of troops use;
  • what Knowledge and Buildings he has pumped over and much more.

This information about the opponent can give you an advantage due to the selected anti-class. You can get this information about a player from a rival clan in many ways, for example, introduce your players into hostile clans under the guise of newcomers.

Donat and gold

Donate is present in Vikings: War of Clans, but it is not a key factor in victory. You can spend a huge amount of gold and resources incorrectly, after which you will be left on the losing side due to the wrongly chosen clan tactics. In Vikings: War of Clans, gold can be obtained by simply participating in Competitions. Read more here.

The Vikings game is designed in such a way that activity plays a decisive role here. The more active the clan, the more fun it becomes to play!

I will also share useful links that will help a beginner in development:

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