Tips on where to find help for a budding blogger

Today I want to escape from the usual topics, take a breath and share my impressions of the first months of life as a blogger. I really want this article to be read by novice bloggers who have done a difficult, but very significant act in their lives, started a personal blog. I am also very interested in the comments of the professionals.

I remember how it all began two months ago, I remember my first articles and countless questions that arose faster than they were resolved. For the most part, they belonged to the software part. I also did not understand at all who and where would come to my blog, express themselves, appreciate my style.

Of course, I knew that sooner or later my articles would become available to search engines and find their target audience. But it was also clear that the visitors would hardly want to answer my questions.

In the usual understanding of the common user, the Internet is a source of information – read, downloaded, sent, surprised, laughed and forgot. In these cases, the attitude towards the Internet is consumerist, only the receipt of information and, probably, less than one percent of users forces themselves to evaluate the material received.

As a beginner blogger, it was very important for me to receive criticism, I wanted to make new acquaintances, to get advice. But I was alone, like a man who had fallen behind a train in a strange city, and there was nowhere to wait for help. I don’t know anyone, nothing is familiar.

Fortunately, man is capable of self-learning. It became clear to me that help would not come by itself and I turned to the Internet for answers to my questions. The result is a somewhat interesting picture, on the one hand, I want to be read, I want to talk, share my experience, on the other hand, I turn to others to find out how to achieve this.

Having visited more than a dozen sites and read a dozen times more articles, I have identified certain key areas of development for myself.

Where can a budding blogger look for help?

The real, visible for me ways to get help were divided into two groups. In the first group, help could be obtained from communication. To my great regret, in real life I have few acquaintances interested in blogging, or, to be more precise, they do not exist at all. Consequently, communication had to be developed on the Internet.

Help blogger from social media communication

From the articles of experienced bloggers, I learned that one of the tools for promoting blogs is social networks, therefore, there you can find people of interest. I signed up for FaceBook and Twitter, don’t think this is not an advertisement. The fact is that in these social networks, for some reason not yet clear to me, professionals, blog owners with a thousandth army of subscribers communicate. They all have their own FaceBook page and Twitter profile. In order to help on a social network, you don’t need to have dozens of friends at all. You need luck and acquaintance with two, three responsive, competent and experienced bloggers. Luck turned to me, I met such people. Communication with them opened up many important nuances for me, and reading their articles charged and continues to charge with energy and optimism.

Get help for money

The second group includes help purchased with money. At a certain stage, when there was still no communication on social networks, I was at a dead end and could not cope with the situation myself. I have long known this type of work as freelancing. It is known that for a certain amount of money professionals can solve any problem remotely and in a short time. Out of despair and desire to achieve my goal, I was ready to pay and turned to Freelance for help. On the same day, the work was done by a very competent, talented specialist. To my surprise, he did not take a penny from me, we agreed on a postponement, decided to see the result in time.

In conclusion, I would like to say the following: there are a lot of kind and helpful people on the Internet who are ready to help. Communication with them can solve almost any problem.

I want to express my deep gratitude to my assistants, those who did not leave me in difficult times, thank you.

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