The best September games for iPhone and iPad

The past month has brought a lot of bright new products to your iPhone and iPad, the first impressions of which turned out to be quite good. I would like to consider the most worthy September releases in a little more detail.

Heroes of Loot


Danish studio OrangePixel is well known for its high-speed platformers, so it was unexpected to see a real dungeon crawler performed by them. The authors’ love for the speed of development of the gameplay affected here too – playing Heroes of Loot rather has to be as if it were a shooter in which you make your way through crypts and collect treasures.


Strata screen


This game from the studio Graveck has very simple rules. It is a puzzle in which you have to lay out colored ribbons on the playing field so as to get squares of the given color as a result. The original nuance of this game: the music in it reacts to your actions – both right and wrong.

Pocket Trains

Pocket Trains screen


This game was worked on by NimbleBit studio, known for its successful previous release of Pocket Planes, but this time it turned to trains. Pocket Trains features pixelated graphics and strategic gameplay, with small locomotives taking you around the world.

Boson X

Boson X screen


According to the developers Mu and Heyo, this game offers you the role of a scientist running and jumping through the tunnels of the Hadron Collider. In style, this game is more like an autorunner, which is based on a two-button control scheme, similar to that used in the Super Hexagon.


Trouserheart screen


Trouserheart gameplay by Dicework Games is completely uncomplicated and very entertaining. This game is a cute brawler with a built-in upgrade system, fresh plot, cartoon graphics and good controls. It has a lot of levels and content, so you will be sure to have a good time.

Infinity Blade III

Infinity Blade III screen


The game, created by Chair Entertainment, continues and completes the story that unfolds in this now famous trilogy. Despite the fact that the sequels still do not reach the first part, Infinity Blade III is a beautiful game with impressive graphics, a huge map of territories, a second character, new battle styles and a huge dragon as a bonus.




Here Electronic Arts has surpassed itself and created a free-to-play FIFA 14 football simulator that is as realistic as possible, full of nuances and tricks worth taking into account.

Joust Legend

Joust Legend screen


The medieval-themed game from Rebellion Games is dedicated to a more original and rare sport than all others – the art of horsemanship and knightly tournaments. This topic has not been seen on iOS for a long time, so given the detailed graphic elements and addictive gameplay, this development is worth trying out.

Call of Duty: Strike Team

Call of Duty Strike Team screen


Created by Activison, this first-person shooter allows you to change your camera angle at any time and turn the gameplay into a strategic one. In this case, all the inconveniences of controlling shooters on touchscreens fade into the background, and you have to manage your team, moving it, destroying opponents and performing various missions. In this case, Call of Duty: Strike Team becomes much more interesting, dynamic and perfectly controlled.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

Angry Birds Star Wars II screen


The sequel to Angry Birds Star Wars, which may not have brought anything radically new to the gameplay, but thanks to the presence of toys, as well as the ability to play on the side of pigs, still refreshed the game, giving it a new impetus for growth and development – as you can see, Rovio is still at its best.

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