PES Mobile 2021 Guide: Coins, Players, Beginner’s Mistakes and Tips

Football games on mobile phones are a hole for your wallet. You have to constantly spend money on top players, that is, on their cards. Newbies sometimes get lost in the number of options, control options, local loot boxes and modes. We’ve already made a FIFA Mobile 21 guide to make this process easier.

Now let’s talk about another cool soccer game, PES Mobile 2021. There are a lot of little things here that may seem unimportant at first. We will go through them thoroughly, not forgetting to tell about the mistakes of newbies, the local currency, and also about other useful tips.

PES Mobile 2021 Account

Until you plunge into the crazy world of football, creating an account may seem like an unnecessary undertaking. But if you lose your device, uninstall the game, or switch from Android to iOS (or vice versa), then progress will be lost. So we recommend that you create a Konami account right away. If still not persuaded, then 250 coins are given for pegging (a very important currency).

PES Mobile 2021 Daily Login

As a beginner, you will be given daily rewards just for entering the game. We need to choose coins, because for them we open sets with players. Newbies for the second and third day can be given 100 coins, which is a lot. If the first week has passed, they will throw 10 gold coins every day. It turns out that for ten days of daily entry, you can save up for one set. At the same time, you need to know what to spend coins on, otherwise your team will have weak players.

What is the right way to spend coins in PES Mobile 2021?

Before buying a temporary kit for coins, think about whether it is worth the candle? This is done easily: we click on the desired set and see which players are awarded and with what probability. For example, if you are offered to knock out a legendary player with a rarity “Black Ball” (in fact, these are not the top players) with a 20% chance, then you can spend at least 500 coins before knocking out the first Black Ball.

Why not sell duplicates in PES Mobile 2021?

It happens that you knock out several identical cards. Let’s say you have two gold cards. One football player can be released immediately, but you will receive crumbs for this (not even coins). Therefore, you have to wait until you have three identical cards. Then you will be offered to exchange them for any player of the same rarity. Believe me, it is much more profitable.

Player Performance in PES Mobile 2021

Football fans love not only to play, but also to watch matches with their favorite teams. If this can be said about you, then you know that the effectiveness of the players can drop, for example, after being injured. In general, this is not a constant value, and if you follow the latest news, then this section will be easier to understand. You see, everyone wants to win. But if the effectiveness of the players is lame, then questions to the manager (that is, to you). Be sure to keep track of this parameter if you don’t want to keep playing.

Blocking football players in PES Mobile 2021

At some point, you still want to sell some weak footballer. But if you have a huge collection, where niche guys are mixed with top ones, then there is a high probability that you will sell the wrong one. So look into your collection and block those players you don’t want to sell. That is, the game will not let you do it. The same rule applies to coaches.

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