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Magicka is a fairly well-known PC game that you can buy for example on Steam. The game is a strategically top-down adventure game. But as usual lately, they decided to port the game to mobile platforms. You will learn what came of this by reading the review to the end.

Paradox Interactive approached porting the game responsibly and the game turned out to be great. The first global change from the older brother, the graphics underwent, it became two-dimensional, but from this no less cute. The controls are as usual on tablets, not as convenient as on a PC, but still it is quite possible to adapt, and after 3-5 hours of gameplay you will forget that the computer version of the game exists at all.

For those who are unfamiliar with the original game, we will tell you what the essence of the game is. And it consists in combining different elements into different spells. There are quite a few types of spells, distant beams, bombs with a large radius of destruction, mines and shields for self-defense and other magic spells that will help you out in difficult times. Although, compared to the PC version, the magician’s arsenal has become a little simpler due to the fact that only 4 elements can be combined at a time. For example, by combining ice and water, you can freeze enemies, and fire and life can get a deadly long ray of fire.

The rest of the game feels great, the locations are varied, there are quite a lot of missions, the graphics are pleasing to the eye, despite the fact that it has moved to 2D. Dots on the edges of the screen indicate the approach of enemies, which allows the player to prepare in advance to meet the enemy. There are also additional missions such as waves of monsters. The more waves you live, the more coins you get. Oh yes, the coins completely forgot to tell about them. On them, the player can buy various weapon upgrades, disposable scrolls, pets for enhancement and other joys of the magician.


Isn’t that enough for you? Then welcome to cross-platform multiplayer, the game is available on both ipad and android tablets. Isn’t it a miracle to go solo with friends?

The plot has great jokes and is perceived very easily. If you are a fan of these RPG games, then Magicka is definitely your game. It costs only 60 rubles, the Russian language is available, it is difficult to tear yourself away from the game, what else is holding you back from buying?

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