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Often people in their lives are faced with the need to learn English. The reason for this may be a career, a relationship, or a move to a neighboring state. What to do in such cases? It is not always convenient to go to English language courses, not everyone has time for this. Pick up the textbook of your own son who went to second grade and try to learn the language from the textbook? Probably also not the best idea, although it is quite logical. Well, what about then?

Today we have prepared for you an overview of one useful application called LinguaLeo – English with Leo. The applications are not much different from the applications of this topic, of which there are a lot of them, by the way. But there are still differences. The main one is the interconnectedness of the application and a fairly large portal for learning English, if not the largest. Who has never encountered applications of this type, we will tell you what LinguaLeo can do.

Main attractions

  • Learning new words from flashcards with pictures to memorize words by associating them with pictures.
  • Personal dictionary with transcription and voice acting of words.
  • 5 types of training that will help to consolidate the knowledge gained.
  • Ability to work without an internet connection. It is necessary when you are, for example, on the road, or, say, in a queue for a doctor. Agree it is very convenient, and time passes faster and you are doing useful work.

Strength in training

The first type of training called “Word-translation”. The task is to choose the correct translation of an English word from 4 suggested ones. The word can be listened to for better comprehension.

The second type of training the same as the first, but differs only in that the Russian word is set, and the answer options are in English. It is good to alternate the two training data for better fixation of the material.

Third workout sounds like “Word Constructor”. The Russian word is displayed on the screen, and your goal is to collect the English word from the proposed letters. Great workout for memorizing the syntax of words.

Fourth workout one of the most difficult is called “Listening”. An English word or phrase is read out to you, and you must type this word on the keyboard in a special field. In this training, pronunciation is well honed, and you begin to perceive words and their meanings by ear, which is important when learning a language.

Fifth workout called “Collect Phrase” and the name speaks for itself. You need to collect the phrase from the prepositional passages of the sentence. It seemed to me the most difficult exercise.

I don’t want nothing to learn, I want to play

A lot of great workouts, a convenient vocabulary and an intuitive interface are not all that LinguaLeo is so loved for. The biggest plus of the app is that it actually works. Helps to learn English. In LinguaLeo, everything is structured in such a way that you get rewards for every action. Your virtual character with whom you, as it were, learn English, has a level scale. You have successfully completed the training and receive 10 experience points, received a level as a reward, you will be given some meatballs. A kind of internal currency, which is necessary to learn new words and add them to the dictionary.

Speaking of currency, it is worth mentioning the need to buy these very meatballs so as not to limit yourself in learning. In order not to bother buying and saving these meat products, it is easier to buy a gold status for 199 rubles and get complete freedom of action. Whether it is expensive or not is up to you, I will only note that the courses are much more expensive.


Also, your pet has a satiety indicator that will show your daily progress in learning new words. Such simple little things turn a seemingly boring activity into a fun and exciting game. Tricks like these are great for progress, and children will certainly enjoy these activities.

Not a single application

You have mastered the applications, it’s great, but what about grammar, reading and translating texts and other boring things you can’t do without ?? For all these purposes, there is an excellent portal or even a community where you can both practice your knowledge with other people, and read texts, take other trainings, etc. The application itself has synchronization with your account, thanks to which all your achievements will wander between the site and the application.

Summing up, I would like to say that LinguaLeo is, if not a full-fledged tool with which you can learn a language, then a very good helper in this. Do not waste time on the road, launch the application and learn, repeat new words.

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