LINE Games анонсировала The Vanshee, UNDECEMBER, Crystal Hearts 2 и Quantum Knights

Yesterday, during the LINE Games Play Game 2021 event, LINE Games announced five games for legacy consoles, mobile phones and PCs. These are The Vanshee, UNDECEMBER, Project HOUSEHOLD, Quantum Knights and Crystal Hearts 2: Compass of Dimension. Let’s consider each in more detail.

The Vanshee

This is a third-person slasher like Devil May Cry or Darksiders. Heavy metal is playing in the background. We are fighting demons and other extraterrestrial monsters. We’ll be doing parkour as well as chapters. the villain may be a man-cat. The local setting is the near future after the alien invasion. We must research their technology and add a pinch of magic to protect humanity. The game is made on Unreal Engine 4, we are promised photorealistic graphics. Steam Early Access kicks off in 2021.

Crystal Hearts 2: Compass of Dimension

The game is played by Nemarble. We control a group of heroes who travel through a fabulous fantasy world (hello Zelda). We will solve puzzles and fight in real time with knights, robots, goblins and so on. Expect cute characters and nice graphics. Different characters contribute to the progress of the story. The developers promise elements of multiplayer. Launched on iOS and Android in 2022. By the way, this is the sequel to Crystal Hearts (2016).


Another slasher with RPG elements. Level graphics, engine – Unreal Engine 4. Each battle will be a kind of “evolution” of the character. We can combine hundreds of skills and items. Players will explore dungeons, several modes: dungeons, raids and PvP. UNDECEMBER will be released in the second half of 2021 on PCs and smartphones. There will be a cross-play. Developed by Needs Games studio.


If the trailer for the game begins with a quote from Anna Karenina, then everything will be fine. The game raises themes of occult and urban fantasy. Players will visit modern Seoul. The focus will be on the combat system that the player controls. This is the second LARGO project to be released on the console. No platforms have been announced yet, but the previous project (Buried Stars) came out on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. No release date.

Quantum Knights

This project was first announced in 2018. This is an online shooter for PC. The local setting is medieval fantasy. Players will visit an open world with magic and firearms. We are promised a dynamic combat system. Each weapon has a unique design; improvements are made using magic circles. As a result, our character will become unique. The release is slated for Steam in 2022.

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