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In October, a conference of indie developers Casual Connect was held in Kiev, at which many original games for mobile platforms that are currently in development were presented. We would like to tell you more about the five most innovative of them.

The Inner World

This is a very original game for iPhone and iPad from Studio Fizbin, made in a cartoon style, with hand-drawn graphics. It belongs to the point-and-click adventure genre and offers you a whole selection of weird characters and some really funny jokes. This game already exists on PC and Mac, and is about to appear on iOS devices.

The transition from desktops to touchscreens was successful and the user interface did not suffer at all. Navigation in the game is quite simple – you need to touch the place where you want to go, and if you hold your finger on the screen, you will see which objects are interactive, similar to how it is implemented in the games of the series Broken Sword.

The Inner World will be appreciated by fans of games such as Grim, Fandango, Machinarium, Loom and Samorost.

A Knight to Remember

A Knight to Remember

A tablet game from the developers at Staalmedia is an intriguing story with a lot of potential. Its gameplay is based on your comparison of two cards of the same type, and each correctly matched pair takes health away from your opponent. Thus, this is a standard memory game, or the so-called memory game, but with combat elements.

The problem with this game, except that it is too small in size – the number of levels in the story mode is really not enough. Saves the presence of a mode for two players and the ability to use against your opponent different characters with their own individual bonuses and abilities.

Run Vova, run

Run Vova, Run


The development of Neskinsoft, which has already appeared on the iPhone and iPad, and which the authors themselves position as an “endless 1D runner”, something like Frogger of the 21st century. After choosing a character, including Vova, Olya, a grizzly bear and a guy who looks like Psy, you will have to run across the road, collecting animals along the way, earning bonuses and dodging passing vehicles. You can touch the screen anywhere, and then your character will stop, but as soon as you remove your finger from the screen, your character will run even faster.

This game – fast and a bit rustic – is quite suitable for the role of an entertaining time-killer.



This is an educational game for iPad from Fishing Cactus (a genre that is practically not found in our time). The interesting thing is what you will be taught: oddly enough, it will be programming. But you don’t have to write a single line of code – the task is to program a robot that must reach a specific goal on the map. Your “program” will have a fairly limited set of moves, and for repetitive robot movements, you even have to come up with functions, as it happens in real programs.

Steam Journey

Steam Journey

Game from indie developer Arkadiusz Kvasny. In it, you are destined for the role of an inventor, who is opposed by a whole army of enemies and a lot of obstacles on the way to the goal. From the available means, you will have to design something like a tank in order to use it to get in the right direction. This is similar to the steampunk game Bad Piggies, but a little more difficult, since building your wonder tank from a limited set of the most unusual parts and setting it in motion will not be an easy task.

Visually, the game is still underdeveloped, especially with regard to the design of the menu, but it looks promising.

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