How to remove a banner from the Windows desktop

Surfing in the ocean of the Internet, you can get not only a lot of very useful and necessary information, but also “pick up some kind of infection.”

One of the problems that baffles most users is the pop-up banner, which occupies about 4/5 of the screen area and makes it almost impossible to work on a computer. The use of the desktop is possible only on the screen margins that are not captured by the banner.

Most often, in order to unblock, attackers require sending a certain amount of money via SMS (usually from 250 to 600 rubles).

NEVER do not send money to the specified phone numbers. Most likely, unlocking will not happen and you will not receive any code. Sometimes, after sending money to the specified number, after a while you may find that your phone is disconnected and you owe the phone company an astronomical amount. By sending SMS, you, it turns out, have connected to some service, completely unaware of it with a daily payment of 500-1000 rubles. Although you did not think to use any service and did not even suspect of its existence, the money was still withdrawn from you. But this can be challenged in the company itself or in court, but if you yourself sent money from your account, then this is already irrevocable.

Where does the banner come from?

Wandering around spicy sites of dubious origin in search of a movie, video clip or picture and clicking on the download link, as a result, instead of what you want, you can get a malicious script that places a banner. Some come across messages like “Your Adobe Flash Player is out of date. We recommend downloading the latest version. Download? OK”. Several years ago, I myself fell for just such a message, and, moreover, on an ordinary, seemingly harmless game portal.

Instructions on how to remove a banner without SMS

When my computer got infected with a pop-up banner, I still managed to load Kaspersky Anti-Virus through the free fields of the screen and start scanning. Computer curing lasted 10! hours, but in the end AVK still coped with the problem.

True, at that time I did not yet know about the existence of services for unblocking pop-up banners (or maybe they did not exist at that time). Of course, they will have to be used only through the free fields of the desktop, which are not blocked, this is very, very inconvenient, but with a certain persistence it is still possible.

It is best to use debloggers from leading anti-virus vendors: Kaspersky Lab, Dr.Web.

NB: Immediately after unlocking your computer, IMMEDIATELY scan your PC for viruses. Do not skimp, buy the latest version of reliable antivirus, get rid of threats to your computer. And never download questionable videos and programs.

Successful fight against fraudsters!

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