Guide to the new Airship card in Among Us: room breakdown and tips

The game, released in 2018, won the hearts of many users. At the Golden Joystick Awards 2020, she won the Discovery of the Year award and for a reason. Among Us has a huge fan base, which often begins to come up with its own rules within the game, for example: hide and seek. Among Us is constantly updated by the developers, which brings fresh content to the game. And now it came out new map – Airshipwhich suggests a slight change. Now, at the beginning of the game or after each vote, you are given a choice of 3 random locations to spawn. Let’s take a closer look at the airship map.

At first glance, the map is perfect for an impostor, although, as we know, there is no problem anywhere for an experienced assassin. Airship offers many hidden corners where you can sit through the entire game and no one will find you. And when the light is automatically cut off on it, your horizon tends to zero, so be careful until it is restored.

The brand new map has brought new rooms and tasks, which are quite original and interesting. In total, three new premises have appeared:

  • Arsenal – a room that is divided into two parts by an arrow-like wall. It offers an easy task at first sight – to remove the weapon from the table. However, if you do it, you will become an easy victim.
  • Kitchen – a unique room that appeared only with the release of a new map. She offers two new tasks, in one of which you have to cook up a delicious burger, and in the other you just take out the trash.
  • Shower room – a fairly large room that offers several quests. They can seem trivial – to install electricity and wiring, fix a shower, and raise towels. However, these tasks, along with the rest, will help you win the match.

Crew tips

Many users know that in order to successfully survive in this game, you need a close-knit team. To help the crew, there are three rooms on the map: security, a medical compartment and a meeting room. With proper use of all three rooms, you will be able to monitor your comrades and their health. Due to the fact that the map is very large, you can easily lose sight of other crew members, so always stay alert.

Remember, the main task for an impostor is kill, and for the crew – survive.

Tips for an impostor

The impostor’s goal is to interrupt the team and not be discovered. Using all the charms of the map wisely, you can become a first-class assassin. Remember that the crew may appear from unexpected places, as the map is large enough. In rooms with only one entrance, killing is not recommended. Meeting room – a room that should be bypassed by the side. It has many crew missions and only one exit, so you can easily get caught in this crowded place.

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