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External website optimization is usually done through link purchases. However, the trends in the development of search engines today indicate that in the near future natural links will be of great importance for Internet resources, that is, links that were placed on certain sites by site visitors, and not by their owners or optimizers.

Many unsuccessful optimizers are also familiar with the actions of search engine filters, for example “Minusinsk”. How to avoid such unpleasant consequences in the pursuit of links, read in our article.

Every year more and more webmasters are interested in the question of how you can get free links for the site and not harm the resource. Of course, answering this question, it can be noted that almost any project, as it develops, has the ability to increase the link mass, but as practice shows, this is happening too slowly. That is why webmasters are forced to use a variety of tricks.

How to get free links to the site

Firstlyis the installation of buttons of various social networks on the resource pages. Such buttons allow visitors to Internet resources to share their news on the pages of the most popular and visited social projects. Therefore, they contribute to an increase in website traffic, as well as the growth of their positions in search services. Moreover, social links are considered the most useful in terms of search engine optimization today.

It is advisable to install such buttons after the block containing the main content of the site page, since only in this case visitors will most actively share resource news announcements on their profile pages in various social networks and other projects.

Secondly, you can get free links to the site using various forums. There are two main ways to leave links on forum pages: by self-publishing them, and also by attracting a certain number of freelancers to this event. If we talk about self-building the natural link mass using this method, then it is worth noting that it is quite laborious, since any message on the forum must be approved by its administration.

Thirdly You can get natural links to a site by commenting on various articles, for example, private blog entries. However, it should be noted that this method is currently not relevant, since search engines are gradually underestimating the role of such links.

In conclusion, we note that links should be placed on resources similar in subject matter to the site being promoted.

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