Forsaken World: Gods and Demons guide – classes, pets, builds and more

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons, like any other mobile MMORPG, has a lot of nuances. To keep the community interested, the developers are constantly adding new mechanics, events and changing the meta. To understand the builds, classes, pets, as well as just give advice to beginners, we decided to make this guide. Subscribe to your favorite games on our website so as not to miss the latest news, as well as new guides.

Choosing a class to your liking

Before you start adventuring in the local open world with vampires, you need to think about which class to choose. At the start, we have seven classes available:

  • Warrior – can become a paladin or a blade master. The former has a lot of protection, while the latter is aimed at damage. One way or another, the two sub-classes have high protection rates compared to the others. If you like to play with friends or clanmates, then you should take a paladin. Blademaster is suitable for single player
  • Magician – these guys need to constantly be at a safe distance from the enemy, because they do not have normal protection. This class is suitable for those who like to inflict AoE damage, as well as apply buffs / debuffs. Divided further into elementalists and arcanists. The former do even more damage, while the latter specialize in debuffs
  • Rogue – this is the opposite of warriors: more mobility, but less protection. All damage is poured into one enemy. The rogue can become a murderer or a shadow. The first ones do even more damage, and the second ones are a little harder to kill (balanced sub-class)
  • Priest – these guys act as healers. Priests are an integral part of any group. If you choose this class, then there will be no problems with the party. They are divided into astrologers and soothsayers. The former are even better at supporting the group, while the latter can give back to the enemy
  • A vampire – bloodsuckers do enough damage, and also absorb damage well, but they do not have mobility and support skills. Like robbers, they are good for lone wolves. They are divided into flame-bearers and shadow masters. The former do more damage, the latter survive better
  • Shooter – Deals damage both to one target, and to several. Moves well and helps the team. He can be quickly killed, plus the character has few abilities to control. The shooter can become a bandit or a mechanic. The former do a lot of damage, while the latter help the group more
  • Ranger Is the last class on our list. An excellent rdd with excellent control of a group of opponents. They have better survivability compared to other ranged classes. Do more damage if you choose the “sniper” sub-class. Jungle Archer is better at surviving and controlling enemies

Priority on main missions

At first, beginners are drowning in the number of icons on the minimap. There are quests on the left side. If you click on them, then the character will automatically start performing them. Sometimes you just need to click “Continue”. From the very beginning, you want to plunge into history, as well as feel all the mechanics, including the combat system, yourself. In Forsaken World: Gods and Demons, it is better to put movement, attacks and tasks on cars from the very beginning.

A lot of experience can be earned on the main tasks. They are also given out basic resources; they are needed for pumping and upgrades. Basically, the progress of the main quests and the level of your character tell what elements of the game are available.

Питомцы в Forsaken World: Gods and Demons

As with other MMORPGs, this is where we get a pet. In fact, this is just a creature that runs after us and gives various buffs. They need to be pumped, combined and fed. You can make them stronger with the help of resources from world bosses. Flasks will help you pump your pets faster. In guilds, you can send your pets to paradise, where they automatically earn experience.

Гильдии в Forsaken World: Gods and Demons

Guilds, clans, alliances and other associations allow players to unite for a common goal. Forsaken World opens up many opportunities for you when you join a guild. For example, most modes in the game require you to form a party. It is better to do this with familiar guildmates than with random guys. Guilds also give various bonuses. The most popular of these are red envelopes with diamonds and gold. Also, when a guild member reaches heights, he can share such envelopes with all comrades. It is worth noting that it is difficult to get into the top guilds: they require an application.

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