Diablo Immortal Preview: Leveling, Grinding, Battle Pass and General Impressions

Blizzard recently launched the second Diablo Immortal PTA. It is taking place in Australia, but we were able to get hold of the “golden key”. I played on iPhone 8, which is considered the minimum threshold for iOS; the graphics are automatically set to “ultra”, but with 30 FPS. I looked at various content and came to some ambiguous conclusions. We’ll talk about them a little later, but now let’s talk about classes.

Classes in Diablo Immortal

I already talked about them in detail in this mini-article. In short, we have:

  • Barbarian – melee damage machine
  • Wizard – good AoE damage, but not enough survivability
  • Demon hunter – the same wizard, only with damage to one target
  • Monk – can jump in different directions
  • Crusader – a new class in Diablo Immortal, probably a barbarian with vitality

For my adventures, I chose a magician, since often everyone takes a barbarian. Let’s see what came of it and how hard it is to level up in Immortal.

Diablo Immortal leveling

Maybe it seemed to me, but the level rises in Immortal very quickly. In four days I reached level 30, the maximum level is 55. Perhaps Blizzard artificially increased the XP gained so that players can test the content at high levels. By the way, there are a lot of classes in Immortal: I sat for at least one hour every day and still did not complete all the daily tasks. They are different: rifts, contracts, main quest, dailies, grind mobs, and so on. Let’s figure it out in more detail.

Ancient rifts

I liked this place the most, because we find ourselves in a random dungeon. If you buy special crystals, you can get random buffs and debuffs. For example, the less HP monsters have, the more damage they do. Let’s not forget about the timer: for fast passage they give another chest with items. At the end of each rift, a boss awaits us, who is often “just for show”: he does little damage, but absorbs – be healthy. And the funniest thing is that we don’t know in advance how difficult or easy the race will be.


This theme will appeal to those who don’t want to just grind mobs. In fact, this is The Witcher 3: we get a contract to kill 60 skeletons, the dead and vampires. In return, we are given experience, gold and random armor. You can fulfill contracts both in solo and in a group. A maximum of 12 of them can be completed per day; for this you will be given a chest with 100 platinum and a random amount of ordinary gems. They can be exchanged on the market. I didn’t really like this topic: you just grind mobs, while there is no auto-fight in Immortal (maybe for the better).


If you want to get additional HP or an increase in damage, then you need to hunt common, rare and legendary mobs. They are entered into the Bestiary; each location has its own, in the screenshot I’m in Westmarch. This topic is related to contracts: we run across locations, looking for rare creatures and destroy them. The problem is that some players are in the same location with you, and they can get there before you. In general, a hard grind, and even for Diablo it is too much. Because of these themes, the game is more like Black Desert Mobile.

Rift trials

Another aspect of Immortal that has become boring for fans of mobile MMORPGs. It is essentially an endless tower; as the character is pumped, we will be able to go through more and more difficult dungeons. The only reason you should go there is materials for increasing the rank of armor and creating legendary gems, as well as Honor (it is exchanged for stones for ancient rifts, gems, and so on). There is a board of honor: if you take first place in a solo, you will receive 100 thousand gold and 500 Honor. For multiplayer, they give tasty rewards: a legendary gem, seven stones for the Ancient Rifts and 3 thousand Honor.

Diablo Immortal items and gems

When it comes to finding rare items in Diablo Immortal, everything is fine: by level 30, my main set consists of these. Above, only rare (orange). I have never met the last ones, they probably fall only on content for high levels. As in past Diablo, we need to pump our equipment. This is done by the blacksmith: for materials, as well as a large amount of gold, he increases their rank. Until the fourth, I was able to pump so far only the shoulders, with a 100% chance. In addition, you also need to insert gems into the sockets. Not every stone is right for you, it all depends on the chosen play style. Gems, in turn, also need to be pumped; this opens up new effects. Leveling armor already at level 30 becomes slow and monotonous. Grind is tied to this and, in fact, the strength of your character. The most sinister place for rare items is Ancient rifts with good stones.

Co-op in Diablo Immortal

It seems to be there, but it seems to be not. That is, you can queue up for the dungeon, but I waited about three minutes and in the end I spat on this case. Local dungeons with story bosses are cranberries, because they are repeated from time to time. They are only needed to farm rare items and battle pass points. The latter, in turn, only gives out materials, gold and other nonsense. This is if you choose a free trail; although for the 10th level of the pass, they give out a random legendary weapon, which can hardly be obtained in any other way at the 30th level. If you want to destroy the armies of demons in a team, then add random people as friends and invite them to the group. On the CBT, Diablo Immortal is still a demonic version of some Genshin Impact, where there is only one word from the cooperative.

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