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News number 1

Xiaomi decided to launch a tour of PUBG Mobile. This is a non-professional tournament that will be held offline in Moscow. All participants will be randomly divided into squads, whoever scores more points in three rounds will win. Online viewers can take part in the prize draw during the live broadcast (promo code). Prizes, dates and registration forms link.

News number 2

LINE GAMES and 5MINLAB released Smash Legends. Multiplayer action PvP or something like this: 6 universal modes, including duel, 3v3 and royal battle for 8 players, simple and intuitive controls, at first glance, something like BrawlStars in 3D (?). Maybe it’s really worth doing a review on it in the “First Look” heading?

News number 3

ESTGames has announced Cabal Red. A modest incomprehensible teaser, the second game on a mobile phone after Cabal Mobile (2019) in the Cabal universe. Exit in South Korea in the second half of 2021.

News number 4

Tencent Games together with Tourdog Studio are preparing a combo of a strategic role-playing game and CCG – Alchemy Stars. On the official Youtube channel, a colorful anime video, accompanied by playing the piano, invites us to show how we will direct the Force of Light. Yuichi Nakamura and Kana Hanazawa are all-star voice acting from Japan. Pre-registration is available from April 13th. Lived. For pre-registration, as usual, there will be gifts upon reaching a certain amount. The distribution of 5 $ 50 gift cards for Google Play or the App Store has also been launched.

News number 5

Riot Games is going to cut video content on the League of Legends universe even more densely. Cinematic videos were already capturing attention and spirit, and now the heads of departments (vacancies that just appeared) will have to closely interact with each other in order for projects to match the vision of the creators. The LoL animated series Arcane is slated for release in 2021.

News number 6

The Walking Dead: Survivors and Disgaea RPG featured earlier in these news releases are available for download from April 12 in the Play Market.

News number 7

Sony looking for the head of the mobile unit. They will transfer their games to the mobile phone. Still would! Year after year, revenue in the mobile segment is growing, the device is in everyone’s pocket, Nintendo has long been cutting games for Android and iOS, and even Blizzard announced the port of Warcraft, Starcraft and Overwatch to mobile. And I want mobile Valorant and Apex: =).

News number 8

Netmarble has released a new video on the new hero on the official Youtube channel of MARVEL Future Revolution. Now it’s Storm. Quite an ambitious project – free-to-play, MMORPG, open world. Woo-hu, fans of the universe must be breathtaking.

News number 9

Infinite Lagrange is a space strategy game from NetEase. Mobile Tarkoff and Eve are already there, now I want some high-quality space strategy in my pocket, but here it is! We build fleets, swing, study, capture and conquer. I am sincerely nostalgic for Homeworld and even in EVE Echoes from the same NetEase I played on 5 smartphones at the same time, turning cosmos into a strategy. April 21st out? I’ll have to check it out, I’ve already gone through the pre-registration.

News number 10

On April 8, Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 was officially presented. There are three configurations in the lineup, and one of them with 18 GB of RAM. Among other things: Snapdragon 888, 2 charging connectors, retractable selfie camera, dual cooling system, AMOLED screen, diagonal 6.92, resolution 2460×1080 and refresh rate 144 MHz.

News number 11

PUBG Mobile holds the world leadership in terms of revenue for the 1st quarter, but specifically in the United States, it was replaced by Garena Free Fire. Is it a thing? Not. A lump sum of $ 100 million compared to $ 68 million for the pubg. Profit increased 4.5 times compared to the 1st quarter of 2020. Info from Sensor Tower.

And on the channel nodonation_mobile traditional prize draws from Kefir in Last Day on Earth: Survival. The treacherous drains don’t want to give the last pump for the boat. And there is a discussion in the channel’s Discord, what to stream on Tuesdays? Streams on Call of Duty Mobile have lost their relevance, and Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival has ceased to be as popular as before. Join us!

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