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It is believed that blogs hosted on are poorly indexed by Yandex. I did not believe this statement, because I knew that the search engine indexes the content of the site, its content, and it does not matter at all what domain name and hosting is chosen for the resource.

It would be great if my knowledge was an irrefutable truth, but, as I understand it, the note of commerce plays a role and the following experience suggests otherwise.

This blog was originally created and hosted by on October 1, 2011.

I will not go into details and tell you what a free blogspot blog service is and why indexing is needed, but I will go straight to the main topic.

Indexing a blog hosted on

After several articles were published on the blog, using the “Add URL” service, I put it in the queue for indexing in the main search engines Google and Yandex.

The result from Google did not have to wait long. The robot visited and indexed the resource in two days, and all created pages participated in the search results. It is immediately obvious that Blogger is the brainchild of Google.

In the Yandex search engine, the indexing process did not go as we would like. In practice, after registering a domain name and placing a resource on it, its pages become available for search in 10-15 days. But in Blogger’s case, it was day 20 and the pages were still missing from the index.

On October 21, 2011, I sent a message to the Yandex support service with a request to clarify the situation. A week later, I got the answer:

I ask you not to worry. Everything is in order with your site, it has already begun to be indexed, information about the pages of the site is stored in the robot’s database, and after a few updates of the search database, it will be able to appear in the search. The presence of a site in Yandex search is determined not by the domain on which it is located, but by what information it contains and how useful this information is. It remained to wait …

More than two weeks passed and on 11/09/2011 the blog appeared in the Yandex index. The indexing result was not very satisfactory. Out of 15 pages loaded by the robot, 2 pages participated in the search!

Another 20 days have passed, but there are still 2 pages in the index !!!

This was the end of my patience. Two months was enough to understand the situation and make a decision to change the site. I urgently banned further indexing of a blog posted on Blogger, registered a domain and paid for hosting. Then I moved all the articles to the new address without changing the text, as it is!

Below, I cite a fact confirming the opinion that Yandex indexes a blog hosted on poorly.

The change of address met all expectations. The old blog at the new address was indexed within the average time frame. Indexing by the Google search engine took four days, Yandex indexed the blog in 15 days.

I want to emphasize that all blog content was moved to the new URL without changing the content, something that was ignored on the Blogger platform for two months!

Doesn’t this fact confirm the opinion that Yandex indexes blogs hosted on Blogger poorly?

Theorists who assert that the domain does not affect indexing in any way are deeply mistaken, practice confirms the opposite.

In conclusion, I want to say that if a blog is created for public viewing and it is assumed that the bulk of readers will be sent from search engines, do not skimp. You need to pay for paid hosting right away. A small investment will save time, nerves and a lot of pleasure from the hobby.

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