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As you know, external links are one of the stable sources of visitors for any resource, be it a website, blog or forum, but, unfortunately, the linking material is of great value and it is not so easy to master it. It takes a long time for a resource to be overgrown with links, and for this it must be popular with visitors, it must be discussed, it must be talked about. Of course, you can buy external links on specialized exchanges for traffic exchange, but the quality of traffic drops sharply.

In this article I will talk about groups and pages on social networks that are companions to a blog and sources of traffic for it.

We all understand, of course, that creating a group in itself doesn’t mean anything. In order for it to have a result, it is necessary to attract participants to it, and in order to attract them, it must be interesting, new material must periodically appear in it.

A person who has written at least one folding article as a hobby knows what kind of work it is and that for this it is necessary to have plenty of free time. Therefore, it is not always possible to write to different places, but this does not suit us, we need to promote the blog and increase its traffic.

Setting up automatic posting of messages to Facebook

To solve the above problem, I created a page on the social network Facebook, on which the announcements of my blog articles will be automatically posted. To do this, I used Facebook’s RSS Graffiti application.

Of course, I will not talk about what Facebook is, because if you are familiar with the Russian-language networks Vkontakte, My World, Odnoklassniki, etc., then you will understand that Facebook, as they say, is the same eggs, only in profile)

So, the main purpose of my page is to increase traffic and popularity of my blog, as well as attract new readers to it.

In my case, the automatic posting of posts from the blog to the Facebook wall was set up, as a result of which the headings and initial text of the articles published on this blog are broadcast to Facebook. Please note that automatic posting can be configured both for pages and for your personal profile.

If you are registered with Facebook, you can already follow the link, add the “RSS Graffiti” application to your page and start setting up automatic posting of articles.

Setting up automatic posting of posts from your blog to Facebook.

1. First of all, you need to add a blog feed, for this click the “+ Add Feed”

2. In the field that appears, add your blog’s feed. To add a feed, you need to know the redirect address of the message channel – the Feed URL of the blog.

Add blog feed to FaceBook

3. The next step is to choose which posts we will post from the blog to Facebook. To do this, go to the “Filter” tab and in the “Cut-off date / time” item click the “Change” link, and then, depending on what will be published, select “Publish only stories created from now on.” if we want only new posts to be posted and “Select next item to publish:” if we want to post articles from a certain date already posted on the blog, in my case the second option with the oldest date was chosen.

Insert blog posts to facebook

After making the above settings, when choosing to display already published messages, in the “Preview” field you can see how it will look on the Facebook page:

Posts are automatically posted to Facebook

4. The last step. If you are satisfied with the result, then click the “Save” button, after which you will be able to see the number of published posts on Facebook in the window that appears.

Please pay attention to this moment, information on the number of published posts, as mentioned in paragraph 4, becomes relevant in 15-20 minutes. after saving the settings, use the “Refresh” link in the lower right corner of the field to update the information.

That’s all, actually. We have organized automatic posting of article announcements on Facebook, the automation issue has been resolved. Now you can keep one blog and save time and effort, and the created posts will be announced on your Facebook page.

I wish your blog successful promotion!

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