Aeolu Guide from Genshin Impact: Top Build, Ascension and Talents

We continue our stories and shows of new heroes from Genshin Impact. Last time we talked about the unreleased Yan Fei. This time it’s about another anime girl, only frosty. Her name is Eola. She first appeared in the big leak of patch 1.5. Let’s see what she is, what is better to collect for this character, what materials to collect for elevation and how to knock him out.

general information

Eola is a 5 star character with Cryo Damage. She carries a two-handed sword, originally from Mondstadt. She is known to be the knight of Favonius and a descendant of an old aristocratic family. These two things don’t quite fit together, which is why many people wonder about her motives.

Eola’s active talents

  • Blade of Favonia (normal attack) – deals five consecutive hits
  • Blade of Favonia (charged attack) – gradually consumes stamina and performs a spinning attack. After that, makes a slashing blow with his sword. Reminds Noelle
  • Ice whirlwind – Eola covers her sword in ice. If you hit the enemy, then the Cryo character will receive the “Grim Heart” buff; it stacks twice and increases defense and interrupt resistance
  • Glacial lighting – Eola swings her two-handed sword, dealing Cryo damage to nearby enemies. This creates another sword that flies around for a while. It can be charged with attacks, then it explodes and deals physical damage

Aeola’s passive talents

  • Aristocratic introspection – when crafting talent enhancement materials, Eola can create a copy
  • Seething frost – if two stacks of “Grimheart” are hanging on Aeol and she uses an ice whirlwind, then an additional sword appears and immediately detonates
  • The source of the lust for war – Eola’s critical attacks reduce the cooldown of the ice vortex by 0.3 seconds

Top build for Eola

In the team, Eola plays the role of the main dd. Best of all, she will show herself against bosses and in the Abyss. You don’t need to take it during research and as a support. Let’s see what top items, artifacts and a team can be assembled for her:

  • Top weapons: Celestial Majesty – Two-handed 5-star sword. At maximum level, increases damage dealt by 16%. Also, when an elemental explosion is activated and hits with normal or charged attacks, it creates a blade that gives 160% damage to everyone who gets in its way. Knocks out through prayers
  • Best Artifact: Lost in the Blizzard is a 5-star artifact that increases Cryo damage by 15%. Also increases the chance of crit. attacks by 20% when hitting enemies with a Cryo effect. If the enemy is Freezing, then the crit chance is increased by another 20%. Knocked out at Vindagnir’s Peak
  • The best team: Mona is a 5-star Hydro character and one of the best sub-dd heroes. If there is money, then we pour prayers into Venti’s support. As an add. dd take Zhong Li

Available build for Eola

Now let’s look at the budget assembly for those who have emptied their wallet on Aeolu:

  • Top weapons: Snow Covered Star Silver – 4-star two-handed sword. Grants a 34.5% bonus to physical damage. In addition, if you hit with a normal or charged attack, then with a probability of 100% an ice crystal will appear above the enemy. It deals 140% AoE attack damage. If the enemy has a Cryo effect, but deals 360% damage. The effect occurs every 10 seconds.
  • Best Artifact: Temporary Determination – Two items increase attack power by 18%. A full set increases the critical strike chance of a charged attack by 30%. Found in July Gardens
  • The best team: Lisa is not the best sub-dd, but she is given out at the very beginning and for sure she is pumped with you. If you want to go deeper, then we take our Wanderer into the team. Noelle will come in as a support. It turns out that of the characters we spent only on Eola


To raise Aeolus, you will need the following materials:

  • Dandelion seeds – are in the wild, as well as at the gates of Mondstadt
  • Broken mask – knocks out of hilichurls, some shamachurls and mitachurls
  • Jade Shard Shivada – drops from Cryo Fern, from the challenge of the Wolf of the North, the golden chamber and is sold in the souvenir shop

How do I get Eola?

The only way to get a 5-star Aeola is to pray earnestly. So far, it is known that it will be added after Zhong Li’s banner with Yan Fei. Since this is one of the top Cryo characters, start hoarding Source Stones. To do this, subscribe to Genshin Impact and don’t miss out on fresh and temporary promotional codes.

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