10 most anticipated games in May 2021 on Android and iOS

May promises to be hot: we will have long May holidays, as well as interesting and unusual releases. In order not to get too lost in this dense forest, we have made a selection for our regular readers. Collected here are the most anticipated mobile games of May 2021. If you have your own top list, leave it in the comments. You can subscribe to games that are interesting to you so as not to miss important news about them: pre-registration, release, promotional codes, and so on. And we went.

Guardians of Cloudia

If you are not tired of Asian-style mobile MMOs, you can try this project. There are five classes here: Swordsman, Archer, Mage, Rogue, and Seer. The graphics are nice, reminiscent of the Ragnarok series. There is a little customization. The gameplay takes place in an isometric plane. For pumping and passing the story, we must punish packs of skeletons with swords and shields. Then there are slimes and other fantasy creations. Leveling is fast: level 14 can be obtained in eight minutes. In addition to ourselves, we are pumping a pet; he can evolve like in Pokemon.

  • Expected release date: May 26

Arc the Lad R

This is a vertical jRPG with a veneer of old games of this genre. This goes for the soundtrack, which just screams “I’m from the PlayStation One era.” The battlefield is divided into cells along which we and the enemies move. This adds tactics: the enemy can jump over us and stab us from the back. The game has a plot, although it is not voiced. Cut-scenes are made on the game engine. We should expect mechanical and airships hovering in the sky with cannons and hard-core soldiers. Read more here.

  • Expected release date: May 11

Blade & Soul II

Blade & Soul Revolution has raised the bar for all mobile MMORPGs (including the western-oriented Warhammer: Odyssey). Let’s see what the second numbered part can offer. The developers promise a lot, but it’s another matter whether they can keep their word. So far we have been fed only CGI trailers. This means two things: either NCsoft is keeping the intrigue, or the publisher has nothing to show. One way or another, the release will be in South Korea, so start creating an account linked to that country. Read more here.

  • Expected release date: May 31

Summon Dragons

If you like to train dragons, then this game will come to you. The graphics are the same as in Guardians of Cloudia. At the very beginning, we are guided through all the menus and interfaces. Dragons are divided into levels of rarity. The music is calm, like playing Zelda. There are AFK elements, as in the same AFK Arena. Personally, we do not affect the battlefield in any way, we only insert gems into slots, and also complete quests. Gems can be combined; so their rank increases. The developers promise over 300 unique characters. Everything is done in order to “defeat the legendary boss.”

  • Expected release date: May 1


We are all looking forward to the release of ODIN: Valhalla Rising. While there is no release, you can check out Niffelheim. This is a 2D action game about large Vikings. There are four characters to choose from. We start at a small shack. You can equip your settlement, but this requires resources. The first materials (grass, wood) are mined nearby, and for the more rare ones you have to go far. The interface is optimized for touch screens. By the way, here you can sit on a cold throne. In the dungeons, huge spiders with a “bee” color await. Fear them.

  • Expected release date: May 18

The Longest Road on Earth

This is an addictive game where the most important thing is not the destination, but the adventure before it. We will be told about the life of anthropomorphs. They have their own worries, problems and joys. The game is made in pixel and black and white style. The soundtrack is original, it was made by one of the developers. The game is short, but it should leave an impression. The PC has slightly higher processor requirements; let’s hope it doesn’t affect the mobile port. Read more here.

  • Expected release date: May 20

60 seconds! Reatomized

If you liked the original “60 Seconds!”, Then be sure to try the reissue. This is a reissue of the apocalypse simulator. We take on the role of the father of the family, who must throw the whole family, food, first aid kit and more into the home bunker. It is necessary to constantly monitor resources, as well as send family members in search of food. Every day is recorded in a journal where you can read about fun adventures. The project is somewhat reminiscent of This War of Mine, only without serious thought: there is not enough food, the father is gone, the looters stole the son, and the wife generally turned into a mutant.

  • Expected release date: May 25

Bike Baron 2

If you miss motorcycle racing, as well as the Bike Baron series, then wait for the second part. We are promised 50 levels that are made by hand. We will solve puzzles, perform stunts and survive. Yes, there are a lot of traps and tricky moments at the levels. In general, if before you could not live without Hill Climbing Racing, then you are welcome. Physics and control arcade. The developers promise a large number of online events. There you can show your friends who is the boss.

  • Expected release date: May 27

Stickman Revenge 4: Epic War

Indie developers continue to release games based on the Stickman franchise. This is a typical 2D action game where we destroy walking and flying enemies. The controls are arcade, but there are abilities with rollback. The interface is not the most thoughtful, but it will work. To move to a new level, you need to clear the waves of opponents. Around the seventh wave it will be difficult: HP is low, and enemies are everywhere. The first boss will take your life. You can pay to be reborn on the spot. Between the waves, one of three buffs can be offered. A kind of game.

  • Expected release date: May 31

One Escape!

The publisher Crescent Moon releases unusual designs. Before that, we talked about the platformer Micetopia, as well as the sticky arcade game Total Eggscape! Now everything is grown-up: the pumped up animals decided to arrange a bank robbery and ended up in jail. Now their task is to get out of here. They will break through ventilation shafts, hide from enemies and look for a key card (hello DOOM). Essentially, One Escape is a pixelated platformer. Locations are small and arcade. A lot of stealth is to be expected. We are waiting for the mobile port.

  • Expected release date: May 5

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