Royal revolt

Do you love mobile tower defense games? If yes, then you probably know that the main task in games of this genre is to restrain waves of monsters by rebuilding various protective structures. What if we swap places? How interesting are you? Then the game about which we will tell you today will definitely please you.

Royal revolt is a game that was released in 2012 and won the huge love of many fans of the tower genre. The main difference from games of this genre is that the player acts as an attacker. And the opponent is trying to stop him in every possible way. The change of position definitely refreshed the boring genre and brought a lot of new emotions.

Battle strategy

By changing the player’s side, the gameplay has changed quite a lot. We start with one knight and gradually call on various units to help us. There are several types of defenders who are ready to come to our aid. These are classic melee knights, archers, magicians, catapults. Each of them requires a certain number of points to summon. Points are replenished gradually and with a sufficient number of them, we can afford to summon the unit we need.

Units always appear in one place and move along the road towards you. It takes a lot of time and therefore the player is forced to calculate the strength and time of arrival of reinforcements. The game mechanics have become quite reminiscent of the popular DOTA map for WARCRAFT. You also play as a hero, move to the enemy’s castle, scattering hordes of enemy monsters along the way, with your units for a couple.

There are traps in the game that must be turned off so that your allies do not receive a lesson when moving along them. Traps are disabled by different mechanisms. Some need to break the lever, others need to be turned off by standing on the pressure platform, and so on. The traps are really varied and often force the player to be distracted from the grinder to turn them off.


All knights have magic

Where is without everyone’s favorite magic. In the game, 2 slots are allocated for it and the third can be opened, if desired, by paying 475 gems. They can be collected or bought at a local store for very real money. For example, 400 of these gems will cost you 130 Russian rubles. But in fact, you can get by with two slots, you will not get less pleasure from this. Spells are not that there are many, they are rather few, but they are used almost always and often help out the main character.


Since the slots for using magic are limited, you have to make a choice of what to use, healing and attack magic, or protection and healing, or maybe even 2 attack spells. This choice is up to the players themselves. Also, during the battle, you can buy special bonuses that can increase the strength of a knight or magic by 40-60%.

Total upgrade

Nowadays, more than one game can not do without pumping and improvements. And Royal revolt is no exception. In the game, you can pump the player’s level, the level of allies, spells, as well as things that the main character wears. The local currency is quite enough to buy the necessary upgrades and there are no special problems with this. In general, the pumping process itself is so interesting that it practically forces you to complete missions one by one.


In addition to the main story missions, bonus missions are also available. In them you have to do the same thing with pleasant music, but with an alliance with hares, and overturn Easter eggs on the heads of enemies. Other bonus levels are called “Equinox” and are different from the usual gameplay. You have to get to the portal and destroy it. On the way, killing crowds of opponents with fireballs. Oh yes, you will have to play in these missions as a magician.


The game tenaciously keeps you in suspense, you want to go through level after level. The plot is, as it were, but it is mainly for show and does not cause any emotions. Probably the only mistake happened with the graphics. In our opinion, the game would have gone more beautiful 2D graphics than this dubious 3D. Also, the camera sometimes behaves very strangely and sometimes it is very difficult to see what is happening on the screen because of it. And again, this is the fault of 3D. The rest of the game is great and just requires you to get familiar with it.

If you are not yet familiar with Royal revolt strongly recommends that you try it. In addition, the game is free at the time of writing.

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